Payment Gateway Portal Application

The Client

For this project I worked with my friends at agency Pink Fish who needed some in-depth technical help.

The end client was creating a new payment gateway service, and the needed to have a custom client portal build that would interface closely with the gateway API.

The Project

I used the Laravel framework to build the client portal based on designs and prototypes that had been provided by Pink Fish.

The work included a lot of consultancy refining the specification of the project, and working with the API developers to ensure everything ran smoothly.

As this is a finance-related application the integration needed to be well-defined and robust, so some areas of the application were build using test-driven development (TDD), and the application does lots of exception handling and logging.

The Result

The Laravel framework's many advanced features made building this project easy. Exception handling, emails, the testing framework, data tables, and generators all helped us do the initial build at speed.

The end client were very happy with the work, especially the attention to detail I put in and the level of technical help given when working with the API team on the integration.

With the gateway recently put live I wait to see what the next steps are and I wish them every success in their new venture.