Oikos – web development and technology consultancy for charities, communities and small businesses

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My Work

I work by myself and with agencies for organisations of all sizes.

Side Projects

Interesting and useful stuff that I make and do: Web apps, WordPress Training, and more!

News, Thoughts and Tech Notes

Tech Note: Centered, sized rows of logos

I'm wanting to do this quite a lot at the moment: a row of logos all of equal maximum width and height centered both vertically and horizontally stretched to fit by the biggest dimension Like this: Or this: A couple of times I've done this in conjunction with Owl...

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Things I Do

Website Development

I build websites for charities, community groups and businesses, using open source tools to bring you great value.

Technology Advice

I can help you use new tools and technologies to help meet the aims of your organisation.

Tools and training


Why doesn't this website have any images?

I’m a website developer, not a website designer. That means I don’t do the visual work on the projects that I work on. I felt it was unfair to present images of the websites I make, as that’s showing other peoples’ work. I could have used stock imagery instead, but I decided that a website without images is simpler and quicker.