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Hi, I'm Ross. I build websites, create applications, and use code to solve challenging technical problems.

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  • Laravel
  • APIs
  • Databases

I build applications and products to meet organisational needs

From custom eCommerce food ordering platforms to chatbots and mobile geolocation games, I combine code, data, APIs and integrations to solve interesting problems.

  • WordPress
  • Statamic

I help small charities and businesses build better websites

I help charities and businesses achieve their goals by creating fast, secure websites. I use my experience to help you navigate the options and make good decisions. I work collaboratively with you to deliver your desired outcomes.

CAP UK website
  • I fix tricky technical problems
  • over 20 years of software and hosting experience

I fix tricky technical problems

Email deliverability? Hosting issues? Weird bugs? I have over 20 years experience of software development, hosting and technical-troubleshooting. And I'm often called in to fix deep-down technical things others can't.

  • Videos
  • Articles
  • Consultancy
  • Public speaking

I do training, education, and explain technology in plain language

My clients and peers love the video-based training I make and I write about technology, security, and digital tools in plain language.

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