CAP UK Website

The Client

CAP UK are a small Devon-based charity with a big impact. They run school-based assault prevention programmes to help build safer communities for children. Their website is at They reach tens of thousands of children in a large number of schools with their important safety messages.

I was really impressed with their work when they approached me and was very keen to work with them, and they turned out to be a smart, forward-thinking, hard-working and collaborative organisation. No wonder they are making an impact!

The Project

I re-designed and re-built their website from scratch, working with their strong brand and excellent content.

I worked closely with the communications officer at the charity and we progressed the design, build and content quickly and within the relatively small budget.

We put a strong focus on the user journey and experience, with bold calls to action and clear navigation, aided by the strong and colourful visuals. We built new enquiry call-back and contact forms too.

I held the client's hand through the go-live process and helped to get them free charity hosting from too.

The Result

The client were really happy with the new site. It's mobile friendly and a huge improvement over what they had before.

The page builder I used gives them flexibility to update the content of the structured pages and modify the site in the future.

All the feedback has been good, the go-live was smooth, and the new enquiry systems worked perfectly. A happy client that I was proud to have done the job for.