Anonymous campaigning group - Investment Databases

The Client

The client here are a campaigning group that I can't name. I've worked with them before through my friends at Hands Up.

Like many of my clients they are trying to do some amazing work on a small budget so getting value for money is a key measure of success.

The Project

The client had an existing WordPress website that I helped build, but they wanted to add some custom functionality that would enable them to have a database of companies that work in specific areas, and then a list of other organisations that have investments in those companies.

A data importer was needed to get the data from Excel sheets into the WordPress database, and an interactive front end needed to be built to allow people to filter and explore the data.

The Result

The new features were built quickly, making use of custom database tables for efficiency, but integrating the management of data into the WordPress dashboard.

Data can be uploaded with CSV and a simple but effective, mobile-friendly front-end built in vanilla JavaScript allowed website visitors to easily navigate the data.

The database was built over a couple of phases, being expanded during each additional phase. This allowed progress to happen quickly; a fast launch of the initial features; and expansion over time.

I also created short video-based training on how to use the system for the client.

It was great to be able to support this campaign in raising awareness of the issues at hand. I wish them every success.