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A daily call to creative action

I’ve had a bit of a soapbox about creativity for a while, and I’ve always wanted a tool that would inspire and encourage both my own creativity and the creativity of others.

Now, all my side projects are both useful tools that “scratch an itch”, but also projects that help me learn and grow as a developer. Today I is no exception.

Today I sends you a daily email reminder to prompt creativity, or to help you think about how you have been creative during the day. It lets you record your creative actions and the eventual aim is to have a community of people all striving to take daily creative actions and encourage each other.

The design is, as always, very simple (I’m not a designer) but hopefully effective. Technology wise this was a chance to practice my Laravel coding, work with Laravel email and scheduled tasks, and on the front end, to play with the Bulma CSS framework.

I’m really pleased with the result. It’s fast, clean and simple. And there’s some nice little touches like bits of personalisation and randomised content – and lots of scope for more of this as the tool develops in the future.

Why not join in and get your own daily prompt to creativity.


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March 1, 2018

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