The Brickworks

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The Brickworks

The Client

The Brickworks is a small charity set up to help some lovely UK-based people run health, education, and water & sanitation projects in South Sudan.

They put as much of their financial resources as they can into running the projects on the ground.

These small, unheard-of clients are never going to look huge on a portfolio, but I love working with them. They often don’t have access to highly-skilled technical people, because such people are expensive. So it’s great to be able to share my skills with these smaller organisations that work tirelessly for social good.

The Project

The Brickworks website is a very simple WordPress affair, but they were using a super-cheap hosting company running old technology; they didn’t understand what they were getting or what they were paying for; and the software itself was very out of date.

They were being moved by their hosting company wanted some basic help understanding what was happening, what they had, and not necessarily changing much, but improving what was there.

The Result

I assisted the organisation by signing them up for a superb, free UK-based charity hosting account from my friends at, moving the site, updating the software, making sure everything worked and fixing it where it didn’t, and updating their DNS entries.

I did the work for free, and the hosting was free, so they can continue to put money into their vital programmes.

The client was happy, it cost me very little, and the world is a little better as a result.



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May 19, 2017

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