Send My Friend to School

Send My Friend to School

The Client

Send My Friend to School is a fantastic campaign run by ActionAid and a group of supporting organisations. The campaign aims to engage school children with the issue of education in the developing world. It does this by providing teachers with resources and providing opportunities for children to effect change by engaging with local politicians and press. I was proud to work for this campaign and team via my friends at Hands Up.

The Job

On the face of it this looks like a reasonably simple WordPress theme with some downloadable resources. but this site’s beauty is more than skin deep. The design is intricate and such a high-profile campaign demanded pixel-perfection. The structure needed to be complex enough to meet the requirements but simple enough for the web editors to use.

There were also some complex requirements around news categorisation, video implementation, forms, custom widgets and resource downloads and previews.

Send my Friend to School Totaliser

The Result

We’ve done some quite intricate WordPress development and customisation for Send My Friend to School. The result is a site that deeply embraces the project’s brand, and that makes participation in the project simple.

We worked closely with the client, helping them through some initial hosting issues, developing the site collaboratively, and offering advice as the project progressed.

We’re proud of the result, have a happy client and look forward to the ongoing success of the campaign.


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February 25, 2013