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Press Ups HomepageNot a design or development project, but a side-project of mine producing video tutorial content.

I had a few tutorial videos a while back, but they got out of date quite quickly. Technology, at the time, made producing them quite a difficult and time-consuming task.

But technology has moved on and I’m recording little screencasts quite frequently as instructional videos for clients.

As this is now so easy to do, I decided to challenge myself this year to produce a short (less than 5 minutes) WordPress tutorial video every working day. The result is “Press Ups – Your daily WordPress workout“.

The videos aren’t scripted and are done in a fairly ad-hoc fashion, so they’re not hugely professional. But they are useful and as the collection grows it will become a useful resource for both me and my clients – and the WordPress community in general.

The Press Ups website, and the demo that I’m working on when I record the videos, all, of course, use WordPress, with off the shelf themes and some clever plugins to help me schedule and plan the topics.

There’s also simple, automated social media coverage on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.


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January 26, 2015