Longleaze Pre-school and Nursery

Longleaze Pre-school and Nursery

The Client

I was approached by this small pre-school and nursery who were trying to develop a site in hand-coded HTML and wondered if there was a better way.  With little time and money, and not much technical experience, they needed a flexible and gentle approach to getting help.

The Project

Not all of the work that I do is big or spectacular.  But I went into business as Oikos mostly to try to share my technical knowledge and skills with the little guys – to help them use amazing open-source tools to further the aims of their organisation.

This is one of those projects.  It’s just a simple WordPress site with a slightly-customised off-the-shelf theme. But it gives the client a website with:

  • a ready-made, mobile-friendly design;
  • a simple way to keep the site up to date;
  • mechanisms to ensure good search engine optimisation and social sharing; and
  • lots of options for future development at low cost.

The Result

It’s still a bit of a work-in-progress as the client continues to work on adding content and tweaking widgets here and there, but for less than a day’s work I’ve helped them get up and running with something that’s far easier to manage than the planned HTML pages.

It’s not going to feature as a showcase of what WordPress can do, but it’s a great use of the system for a small, friendly, local business.  And I’ll probably be helping train them on some SEO techniques and other ongoing tasks too.


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September 13, 2014