Flesh and Blood

Flesh and Blood

The Client

Kore – a new client – approached me after a recommendation to ask if I could help out on a project they needed a developer for.  The project was their Flesh and Blood campaign, which aims to get the church to consider blood and organ donation as part of its giving.

Kore are a small, two-person team who had taken the Flesh and Blood idea from conception to reality over the course of three years. It was important to them to have a modern, functional, and easy-to-update web presence at the heart of the campaign.

The Job

Initially this was a simple two-day job coding up three or four WordPress page templates from Ben Hanbury’s excellent-as-always design. The aim was for Kore to populate with some formatted content of their own. But they saw value in how I could take the development further and I ended up doing some more advanced WordPress development for them, making the resources section lists work well, creating the stories section, integrating with social media, and, at the last minute, helping them put the site live despite some tricky hosting issues.

The Result

The custom WordPress template that I’ve build for Kore is clean, modern, and fulfills the needs of the team and the project while keeping costs low.  Its use of post types and custom settings mean that the site is flexible and easy to edit.

But my favourite thing about this project is that Kore are really happy and want to work with me again. I loved working with their team, whose approach to structure and content, attention to detail, and sheer enthusiasm for the project made being their developer a joy.

Now…go sign up – you could save a life today!



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February 19, 2014