Oikos Hosting

I provide my website development clients (and selected other organisations and individuals) with great value website hosting.

I manage all of the hosting, domains, DNS and WordPress installations for clients leaving them with one simple invoice to pay and none of the technical hassle.

My aim with hosting is to provide the services that you need to make managing your hosting and website as simple as possible, and my clients are very happy with what they get for their money. I also provide a specialist managed WordPress hosting service.

As I’m a one-man operation my service isn’t a typical hosting service. In particular I don’t provide 24/7 support. But I do provide other services that are more valuable to smaller clients with less technical know-how. Read more in the sections below.

Technology and Providers

I provide what is known as ‘shared hosting’. This means that your website runs on the same server as a load of other websites. Shared hosting is the best value solution for smaller websites with low traffic volumes. If greater resources are needed then I can obtain more powerful solutions too.

I provide hosting using a ‘re-seller’ arrangement. This is where I buy a block of hosting from a hosting company, and I sell it on to you.

You will get your own ‘account’ so that your website’s files, scripts and databases are kept separate to those of other websites on the server. You can access the control panel, files, scripts, database and other account settings should you need to.

I use a mix of hosting providers, depending on the size and nature of the project:


I will set up the sites on a service called “StatusCake” that reports when the site goes down. If you want email alerts from this yourself then let me know where they should go to and I can set that up.

There is also an optional report page which, if you like, I can make public and share the link to with you. This will let you keep an eye on the availability stats of the sites.

Management, Backups, Software Updates

I use a couple of management services called InfiniteWP and ManageWP to manage all the WordPress sites that I host. These tools lets me do automated backups (which get sent to Amazon S3 storage), one-click upgrades of WordPress and plugins on multiple sites, and fast site migrations.

With simple sites and small upgrades I do software updates for you using this tool. I perform updates soon after the weekly backup that I take and don’t test for problems afterwards.

For larger, more complicated updates, I do some testing afterwards to make sure that everything is OK. If a problem exists the backup lets me undo the change.


As a one-man operation, I can’t provide 24/7 support, but I do provide ad-hoc support on a best-endeavours basis for hosting. That basically means if something’s broken, or if you need minor changes, I’ll fix or change it as soon as I can. Larger changes will be quoted for.

Hosting Newsletter

I run a small email list that I use to send news out about my hosting. This will alert you to any big upgrades that are being performed, any issues with hosting, and any changes I’m making to hosting services.