WordPress version 5.0 is scheduled for release today. It will contain the new WordPress editor, codenamed “Gutenberg”. This post and its associated video:

  • introduces and explains the new editor;
  • shows you how to use it;
  • explains the steps I’ve taken to allow people to opt in to using the new editor;
  • points you at resources to help you find out more.

Why the new editor?

WordPress’s editor has always been a bit lacking in features. Other content management systems and website builders have got ahead, and it’s time for WordPress to catch up.

What does it do and how do I use it?

The new editor is based on the idea of “blocks” of content. So rather than one big box that you type into, each paragraph, list, image, embedded video, etc each exists in their own “block” and the blocks get assembled into the page or post.

If this sounds confusing or scary then don’t panic – the basics of writing are pretty much the same. But the block editor gives you much more flexibility in how you make your pages and posts, and allows you to be more creative.

You can see a little of how to use it in my overview video, below:

What if I don’t want this (yet)?

Don’t worry. That’s fine. I’ve been using the new editor for a while and I’m still getting used to it, so I understand.

I’ve actually assumed that most of my clients will want to opt in to this new editor in their own time. So if your website is managed by me or hosted by me I will not immediately upgrade everyone to the new WordPress, and even when I do I have installed the “Classic Editor” plugin which keeps you using the old editor.

When you are ready to try the new editor we can turn it on and you can give it a whirl! If you don’t like it we can change you back.

I’d encourage all WordPress users to try it out and try to get used to it though, it is the future and there are many benefits to using it.

Just drop me a line and let me know when you’re ready. Or you can log in to your website as an administrator and deactivate the Classic Editor plugin to try the new editor out too.

How do I find out more and learn to use it?

There are lots of resources for learning about Gutenberg.

  • Start with my video, above
  • Try out the editor on the official “Gutenberg” page – this page tells you about Gutenberg, but you can actually click and edit the page to try out the editor too (but you can’t save anything!)
  • LinkedIn Learning are letting you do their “WordPress 5 Essential Training” course for free for three weeks (until about Christmas!)

And at some point I’ll add some training to my own Press Ups videos too.


If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email or through the form on this website.

This is a great forward step for WordPress. I hope you enjoy the new editor!