Soon after creating Oikos I had some great graphic design done by AskSanik who created my logo and put together some designs for print materials, including a business card.

And a business card needs a job title that says what I do on it.

I didn’t want to be just “Web Developer” because I have business, consultancy and training skills too.  But I didn’t like the word “consultant” either as many people have a pre-conceived idea of what a consultant is and does.

References to technology might scare off non-technical people, but I am primarily doing technical work, so I needed to communicate that.

I also run Oikos and many people who run their own businesses proudly have “director” or some other management term on their card. But I’m a sole trader, so, though I set up Oikos, I’m not officially a manager of any sort.

After much thought I came up with a three-part title: “Creator – Engineer – Advisor”

“Creator” expresses two things: that I set up Oikos, and that it’s a creative job.  And by creative I don’t mean “artistic”, I mean the more general sense of creating.  I will be making websites, but I also aim to build businesses and communities.

“Engineer” is the part that says that I’m technical.  But I’m not just a sit-in-the-corner-and-code web developer:  I understand the problems I’m solving and apply relevant technologies and processes to overcome them.

“Advisor” says that I work with people, listen to them, understand them, and give input to what they’re doing.  It’s the consultancy part of what I do, but without the preconceptions of what a consultant might be.

I hope that my job title says enough about what I do without sounding either too complicated or too pretentious.

If you’re interested in how I might apply my creative, engineering and advisory skills to help your organisation, please get in touch or give me a call.